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By 2020, 40 percent of American workers will be Selfpreneurs


The Work Life Integrity Company

For over two decades the founder of Selfpreneur has transformed ideas into growth & success for Fortune 100 companies.

Selfpreneur enables growth and success for all people, enabling them to turn ideas into innovation and create a better world for all living and non-living beings.

Selfpreneur for Personal Relationships

Life & Relationships

Your success demands maximum health, permeating passion, clarity of purpose, focused leadership, an eagerness to transform and create change. As an individual, love, empathy & direction for self is the foundation to your thriving life, relationships, career and community.

Introducing Life Model into your life is a giant step in taking charge of manifesting radical success in your personal life, family and career. Work Life Integrity apps for individuals will supercharge your path to success and make you a Life Model for others.

Selfpreneur for Startups and Founders

founders & Trailblazers

Fast growing startups and small businesses have the great opportunity to define their culture from scratch. As a founder or leader in your organization you set the tone for your business culture with your Life Model, leading by example.

Introducing Life Model to your company culture early on establishes leader led focus on Work Life Integrity, purpose, health, wellbeing and relationships. Work Life Integrity apps for employees will translate into extreme loyalty and incredible customer success.

Selfpreneur for Enterprise Hiring

hiring & Human resources

Enterprise success is only possibly through continuous innovation, change and transformation. Your real challenge is helping employees change. Business models combined with employee life models create sustainable enterprise success.

Introducing Life Model to your business will accelerate the pace of success for employees, innovation and customers from the bottom up. Work Life Integrity for Enterprise will unlock change makers and translate into sustainable growth for your business and customers.

Brands & Product Lines

Selfpreneur’s distinct brands and product lines are focused on developing people and their lifestyles while enabling technology innovation through artificial intelligence and machine learning education.

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Life Model is focused on empowering people to live a better life

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AI Newbies is dedicated to helping people learn to control machines.


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